Environmental Responsibility

Adonai Spring Water is proud to announce our bottled water is environmentally friendly and our Natural Spring Water bottles are made from recycled bottles and our bottles are 100% recyclable– with each bottle containing a minimum 10% recycled content.

As part of our initiative to help protect the environment, we at Adonai Spring Water encourage the use of Eco-Pak bottles and packages to promote community and curbside recycling. Our recycled water bottles also help to create much needed jobs as the bottles are recycled into new products like clothing etc.

We are working on, and taking important initiatives at Adonai Spring Water to help protect our environment by setting up partnerships with organizations to offer pick up empty Adonai Spring Water bottles from our customers for recycling.

We at Adonai Spring Water believe our Natural Spring Water is one of the best values in refreshment for those seeking a natural, healthier lifestyle alternative.

Join us in our Environmental efforts

Purchase Adonai Spring Water Today & Together, we will have

– A Better environment
– A Better City, One City at a time,
– A Better State, one state at a time
– A Better America&

– A Better You