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Make A Difference

Adonai Spring Water is a proud supporter of
10% of our proceeds support
Together, we can make a difference to fight and end breast cancer forever.

Every time you purchase Adonai Spring Water, our 100% Natural Spring Water line, from 8.0 floz – 1.5 liters bottles, you are making a difference in the fight against breast cancer.

We make it easy to fight breast cancer at Adonai Spring Water.

You can purchase Adonai Spring Water through one of these avenues:
– Online
– In stores
– Delivery service in your
o home
o office
o or school
– Vending Machines and much more

Every time you purchase and drink Adonai Spring Water from our 8.0 floz – 1.5 liters of bottled water, whether you are on the Go, in the Gym, Office, Home or in the School, you are making a difference and fighting breast cancer.

Be A Person of Influence
Let’s fight breast cancer together.
Let’s have a zero tolerance for breast cancer
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Together, Let’s Make a Difference.

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